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The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins

The book I read was 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins and is a young -adult science fiction.  The Hunger Games is the first book in a trilogy about a 16 year old girl named Katniss Everdeen who lives in district 12, the mining district which is also the poorest district in Panem, which is what they have called America.  Every year there is an event called 'The Hunger Games' which is held in the capitol of Panem, each of the 12 districts must present one boy and one girl chosen randomly between the age of 12 and 18.  'The Hunger Games' is set in a different arena each year and the 24 tributes who were chosen are to fight to the death on national television until there is one person left standing.  It is all for the enjoyment of the Capitol people, and to show the 12 districts that they are still ruled by the Capitol.

The main characters are Katniss Everdeen who lives with her sister Primose and her mother who's name isn't mentioned. Her father died when she was only 11 and so she has been looking after her family since.  The author described her having medium dark brown hair, which she keeps in a side braid - she wore this a lot making it her signature hair style, olive coloured skin and brown eyes.  She volunteers in the Hunger Games in place of her sister.  Peeta Mellark is the boy tribute, he is the son of a baker and has pale blue eyes and blonde hair, he tries to protect Katniss during the Hunger Games as he has had feelings for her as well as Gale Hawthorne who is her best friend, they are neighbours in the book and go out hunting together, his father also died in the coal mining explosion which makes them more understanding for one another, he has the same olive skin tone and dark brown hair as Katniss, and they are mistaken for cousins.  There is also Effie Trinket, she is from the Capitol has pink hair that looks like candyfloss, a very pale complexion and matching lips, she always has her hair matching her outfit, which is usually pink.

My favourite character was Haymich-Katniss and Peeta's mentor, who helped them train for the Hunger Games.  He was described as a drunken man in his early forties, medium length hair and a short beard.  At the start of the book I found him quite annoying because he didn't seem to care whether Katniss and Peeta lived or died and also because Katniss never seemed fond of him.  As the book progressed I learned he was a good character and thought like Katniss, I felt sorry for him a lot as Katniss tried to push him out of the picture and was easily annoyed by him, she thought he preferred Peeta when she was wrong.

I found the book really very interesting and full of action, there was never a part of it where you wanted to put it down.  Throughout the book there was plenty of action and it was very intense, I didn't expect to enjoy the book so much, the cover when I bought it, was very dark and not what I would usually go for, but when I started to read it I really liked it, it is very unique and not like most other books, which is why I loved it so much.

It is based in the arena where Katniss, Peeta and 22 other tributes have to fight to their death on live television around Panem.  The book is written from Katniss's view, which makes you very biased to everything she thinks.  I think that made the book a lot more interesting and led to a lot more twists and confusion throughout the book.  There were a few flash backs throughout the book,  when she thought back to what Haymitch would say to her, or the time where she met Peeta or Gale for the first time and I think this really made you understand each character better.

I think the book was a great read and anyone who enjoyed it would like the second and third.  It was very gripping and there was a lot of tense moments throughout it.  Although they say it is for young adults it is good for almost all ages and with love, poverty and fighting it is enjoyable for both girls and boys,  there are parts where it is very emotional as well.  I think the ending was the best part.  I couldn't wait to read book two.  Overall I think anyone who enjoys science-fiction will love this and I wish the author would write more books just like this one.

Reviewed by Grainne Jennnings (1009)