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 Environmental Reviews




Before we started our Eco Schools journey, it was essential to audit our current environmental impact. 

This process helped us to raise awareness of the programme throughout the school, via a Presentation at assembly, school notice board, and the Eco Schools newsletter. It is extremely important to the Eco Team that all our students are involved in the review process. 

Our first environmental review was carried out by Eco Committee members with the help of the school bursar, caretakers, canteen staff and auxilary staff and was on an informal basis. From this initial review we were able to ascertain our current environmental impact and take primary steps to make changes and set the wheels in motion. 

The results of our initial informal review gave us a basis on which to write our Action Plan. 

This assisted us in determining whether change was necessary, urgent or not needed at all. It also enabled us to set realistic goals and targets which can then be measured to guarantee success. Completing the environmental review also ensured that no key areas will be missed and helps the Eco Committee and the wider school community to understand the schools current environmental situation.