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                                                    Welcome to St.Mary's H.S French Department

Department Staff

Ms Sonia Haddad
Mrs Eileen Magee
Ms Sterenn Coicaidan

What is French?

French is a Romance language spoken throughout the world by more than 260 million people. It is descended from Latin and as such shares a great deal of vocabulary and grammar with other Latin-derived languages. French is one of the easier languages for native English speakers to learn, due to the large number of cognates and relatively simple grammar.

In St Mary’s the aim of the French Department is to help every pupil develop a natural interest in the language and culture and to equip pupils with a transferable skill which will benefit them in adult life in respect both of employment and leisure.

We believe the acquisition of a modern language improves a person’s geographical and vocational mobility as well as boosting confidence and broadening horizons.

A Modern Language is a passport to the world.