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 Health and Social Care
Welcome to the St.Mary's H.S Health and Social Care Department

There are  4 full time teachers in the Health and Social Care Department.

Department Members:
Miss S McConnell
Miss R Murphy
Miss S Bellew
Miss K Hanratty

This is a very interesting ‘A’ Level, intended to provide students with a broad knowledge of the health and care services.  It enables candidates to investigate a range of areas within the health are caring professions.  It is an appropriate course for candidates wishing to study a range of courses including nursing, occupational therapy and social work. Why study Health and Social Care?
  • You want a career in the health and caring profession 
  • You enjoy working with others
  • You enjoy research, discussions and investigations           
  • You want to work in the care profession

    Course Structure And Assessment 

AS LEVEL (Year 13)
Module one Promoting Quality Care This module gives students the opportunity to examine the qualifications involving Care, Caring for children and Young People, and Early-Years Education. External  Exam  16 2/3%
Module two Communication in Care Settings In this module students investigate the types of communication skills used in care settings.  You will also find out how effective communication values individuals and promotes health and well-being. Internal Portfolio 16 2/3%
Module three Promoting Good Health Students investigate the range of lifestyle and social factors which influence health and well-being.  You will investigate ways ill-health can be prevented and the health-promotion methods that are used by health-and-social-care practitioners. Internal Portfolio 16 2/3%
A LEVEL (Year 14)
Module four Care Practice and Provision This module allows students to investigate the role of health care workers in meeting individual needs, including the importance of providing a quality service. Internal Portfolio 16 2/3%
Module five Research Methods in Health and Social Care In this module students will select a topic and design and carry out a small-scale research project.  The findings will be presented in the form of a report. Internal Portfolio 16 2/3%
Module six Social Trends This module develops student skills in analysing demographic data to understand social trends that  affect the family and individuals.  Candidates analyse secondary sources of data to explore the social trends of changing family structure and the provision of Health and Social Care Services to support families and individuals. External Exam    16 2/3%