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 Junior Council
                                                                                Junior Council


  Members of The Junior School Council 2016/2017 are:
Abby Mc Grath, Edel Stewart, Simone Kucina, Lauryn Collins, Katie Sands, Caoimhe Mc Shane, Molly Mc Cartan, Anna Mc Clelland, Eimear Thompson, Natalia Kosak.

School Council Achievements

• Establishment of a separate Senior and Junior Council
• Establishment of a Chairperson and a Secretary
• Collaboration with the SNAG Committee to launch a Health and Fitness Day
• Establishment of a rota system for a reception committee
• Teambuilding day for Junior and Senior Councils
• Carried out a whole school audit to develop the theme for the year
• Establishment of the school theme for the year ‘Bee Positive, Bee Kind’
• Launched school theme to the school assembly
• Attended a youth event in Belfast City Hall with various other schools in Northern Ireland
• Reviewed the whole school respect charter, STAMP charter and school drugs policy
• Met with Board of Governors and St Mary’s Parents Association

The School Council Voice

“I am really excited to be discussing different ideas and listening to student voice.” Molly

“I hope to make the school a closer unit as part of the School Council.” Leah

“I am looking forward to being part of student voice in St Mary’s.” Anna

“I wanted to join the Council because I want to be part of making the school a better, happier place for us all. I want everyone to enjoy school” Katie

“I was very happy when I got selected to be on the School Council. I can’t wait to experience all the fun activities” Abby

“I am looking forward to having a voice and speaking up for Year 10.” Caoimhe

“I am a Year 8 pupil and I can’t wait to help our school.” Edel

“I can’t wait to learn more about the school and be more involved.” Lauryn

“I am excited to be able to voice other peoples opinions as a representative.” Simone

“I love being part of student voice.” Natalia