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 Key Stage 4 - Post 16 Transition


Pastoral  and Curricular Transition

Key Stage 4 CEIAG Programme - Post 16 choices for students

 February: Post 16 Seminar - Information given to pupils and their parents regarding Post 16 subjects

Post 16 Prospectus

'Moving On' interview with Mrs Mary Knight - DEL Careers Advisor

Individual interview with Post 16 Studies Director

 August: Year 13 Transition Seminar for parents and pupils - information about the transition from KS4 to Post 16

  Collaboration students - Tour of collaborating school
(St Mark's High School, St Colman's College)
Collaboration Guide given to students

PTM - November 


 On-going monitoring of pupils through SIMS Behaviour Manager

 On-going communication with collaborating schools

(Pastoral and Assessment Data/Information)

Post 16 Studies Prospectus

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