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Environmental Officer


                                                                          Job Description - What will I do?


Environmental Officers work closely with the waste and water industries and businesses making sure that environmental regulations are followed.   They educate people within organistaions, as well as carry out tests and checks on site.  A typical day might include a visit to a large landfill or waste disposal site to check that the organistaion is complying with regulations, visits to a company to provide information on pollution prevention and waste minimisation, and attending and investigating a pollution incident such as oil spillage.  They also review reports, write letters and prepare case files for an enforcement action against an organisation not obeying regulations. They liaise with regulatory authorities making sure standards are complied with. They take appropriate action to minimise waste, meet emission conditions and improve energy efficiency. They assist all environmental staff and the general public in environmental awareness programmes.  Most of the work is carried out in the field and brings them face to face with a variety of people.  Work is split between the office and outdoors.  The environment ranges from riversides to landfill sites.      



GCSE passes at Grade C or equivalent in Mathematics and English.  A Levels including a science subject. 


                                                                               Relevant Subjects

Double Award Science, English, Mathematics, Geography, Home Economics

                                                                               Entry and Training

A HND or degree in biological sciences is essential and any environmental modules studied are welcomed.  A degree in Water, Waste and Environmental Management. 

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                                                                                Work Experience

Additional experience in an environmental or relevant industrial organisation is desirable.  The Insitute of Environmental Management and Assessment offers training courses and qualifications.


Salary - How much will I get paid?

Starting salaries vary considerably, but are more likely to be in the region of £17,000 to £25,000.  An environmental manager may command a salary of £40,000 to £80,000.

                                                                                Skills and Qualities

Environmental Officers need to have good interpersonal skills, confidence and determination as much of the work involves influencing other people to make changes that will protect or improve the environment.  Attention to detail, excellent planning skills, and effective decision making skills are vital.


                                                                                     Similar Jobs

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                                                                                   Further Information

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