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From Classroom Assistant to Published Poet

                                                                        Visiting poet with Year 11 pupils

St Mary's was delighted to welcome back a former classroom assistant as a visiting poet.  Amy Owens has just published a book of poetry called, 'Heartbeat' and she came to the school to share this with year 9 pupils.
Amy spoke about her love of writing and what inspired her.  She read from her book, 'Heartbeat' and also, answered questions from the pupils about being a poet. 
Amy encouraged the pupils to write poetry and told them that she has been writing poems since she was their age.
She talked to the pupils about achieving their potential and told them that they should go after their goals allowing no one or nothing to hold them back.
Mrs McAllister, Head of English, asked Amy to write a poem about St Mary's because it is the school's 50th anniversary year.  The staff and pupils were delighted with the poem.

Strong and tall and proud she stands
St Mary's on the hill
Encouraging and educating
Helping young girls their dreams to fulfill
Many happy memories over time the students shared
Tenderly watched over by staff
Who loved their job and cared
Disciplined hard work
Is just one simple trait
Mixed with fun and laughter
Thats what makes St Mary's great
Every pupil plays their part
Each girl has a role
Working with each other
United with a goal
Such an awesome place to be
Where teachers interwave
Enjoyment and education
Lead by the amazing Mrs Cosgrove
This truly is the perfect path
To find help and guidance too
Remember girls you can achieve
The teachers all believe in you
With a special birthday of 50 years
St Mary's proves the place to be
To challenge and make ready
Helping young girls to see
That they should always dream big
And nothing can stand in their way
With dedication, respect and courage
And remembering to pray
So each time you walk through these doors
Think 'what is it I want from here'
For St Mary's is preparation ground
For every girls career
So enjoy your time here and never forget
That St Mary's High in Newry rules
The greatest staff and pupils adorn
The most wonderful of schools

Amy Owens - Heartbeat Poetry

                                            Year 9 pupils with poet Amy Owen in school library at talk about being a poet