Wholeschool Portal | Home 24 May 2018
Celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight


On Wednesday 8th March, to celebrate “Fairtrade Fortnight” and “International Women’s Day” Year 10 were treated to a talk from Graeme Finnegan from Grounded Espresso Bars, Newry. He gave a very informative talk on ethical fair trade practices. 
With Fairtrade you have the power to change the world every day. With simple shopping choices you can get farmers a better deal. And that means they can make their own decisions, control their futures and lead the dignified life everyone deserves. Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers. It’s about supporting the development of thriving farming and worker communities that have more control over their futures and protecting the environment in which they live and work.
St Mary’s would like to thank Maeve McParland at Education 2 Employment for making this possible.