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 Protecting Rights


The UN stands for United Nations.  Its headquarters is in New York and it has 192 member countries including Ireland and the United Kingdom.  It was created after the Second World War to try to bring countries together and avoid future conflict.

The UN created UNICEF in 1946.  It was established to promote the rights of children throughout the world.  UNICEF stands for The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund.  The organisation work around the world helping children, providing food relief, clean water, education, care.  It also works to promote the rights of children throughout the world.


UNICEF created the UNCRC – United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child.  It outlines 45 articles or rights which all children have.


 The Rights Respecting Schools Award (RRSA) is given to schools that put the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of the school.  In a rights respecting school all children and adults not just learn about rights, they also model rights and respect relationships.




We all have human rights e.g. right to life Rights are innate -  we have these rights from birth Rights are universal -  everyone has them regardless of their religion, race, gender etc These rights are unconditional -  we don’t have to do anything to have them Rights are not conditional on responsibilities i.e., if we don’t respect another person’s rights, it doesn’t mean we lose our own rights With Rights come responsibilities