Wholeschool Portal | Home 17 March 2018
 SNAG Group

SNAG are an all-ability, all inclusive group comprising of nine students ranging from Year 8-Year 14. Each member has a purpose and a role to fill.

Our SNAG Team members for 2016/2017 are:
Laura Devlin, Philomena Lambe, Caitlin Murphy, Holly Hughes, Nicola Downey, Charlotte Keenan, Nicole Cunningham, Aoife McLoughlin, Nadia Farrell, Erin McLoughlin and Megan McCann.

When the SNAG health ambassadors were chosen, they were asked to write down what they would like to achieve. Here are their ambitions for 2016-17

I want to see more people drink more water. I also want to see people have healthy breaks and get a healthy lifestyle. Also, have less crisps, sweets and fizzy drinks. (Charlotte Keenan)

“I would like if we could have more healthy lunches and really tell everyone how important healthy eating is.” (Holly Hughes)

“I would like to help the school get fit” (Caitlin Murphy)

“I would like to promote healthy eating to the Junior school. “ (Philomena Lambe)

“We as a school should be having healthier breaks and drink more water.” (Nicola Downey)

“I would like for everyone within the school to eat better breaks and drink more water.” (Erin McLoughlin)

“I would like more people especially the Junior school to realise the importance of healthy eating and drinking water. Also, it would be good for the school as a whole to become healthier.” (Megan McCann)

“I would like to encourage pupils to drink more water” (Aoife McLoughlin) 

“ I want to promote looking after your mental health” (Laura Devlin)