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Welcome to the Library Resource Centre!



"A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever" 
Martin Fraquhar Tupper

The information on these pages will not only introduce you to the Library Resource Centre but help you get the best from it.  The School Resource Centre is an important part of your school life.  Whatever subjects you are studying, whatever  your hobbies are, you will find something in the library that will be of interest.


All staff and students are  members of the library on entry to the school!

Mission Statement

The aim of the Library Resource Centre is to meet the information needs of  the whole school community.  That will enable pupils to develop lifelong learning skills while at the same time, provide a comfortable working environment conducive to research, reading and quiet study.

Opening  Hours

St Mary's Library is available to pupils and staff from:

Monday - Thursday             8.30 am  -  4.15 pm
Friday                                8.30 am  -  3.00 pm
Closed                             12.50 pm  -  1.30 pm (Period 7)
Pupils are supported in this learning environment through the provision of excellent resources and the effective use of ICT resources. 
Borrowing and Returning Resources
Frequently Asked Questions
ICT Facilities
Library Induction
Library Search Using Inquiry (Check Stock Availability)