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 Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff


Art Department

Business Studies Department

CEIAG Department


Ms B Finnegan

Mr A Twohig (Head of Department)

Mr M Fitzpatrick

Mrs S Barry

Mrs R Kidd (Head of Department)






    Drama Department     

 English Department

 French Department


 Mrs C McCaughey


 Mrs T Hughes (Head of Department)
Mrs G Mallon
Miss S O'Neill
Mrs F McCloy
Mrs E McClory
Mrs C McCaughey

 Mrs S Haddad (Head of Department)
Miss O McCann






Geography Department 

 Health and Social Care Department

 History Department


Mrs R Kidd (Head of Department)
Miss O McCann 

 Miss S Bellew (Head of Department)
Mrs M Foster
Mrs K Novaski
Mrs J Hughes
Mrs R Murphy

 Mrs G Mallon (Head of Department)
Miss S Bartlett






Home Economics Department 

 ICT Department

 Maths Department


Mrs A O'Hare (Head of Department)
Mrs M Foster 

 Mrs G Williams (Head of Department)
Mr A Twohig

 Miss L Curtis (Head of Department)
Mrs J Grant
Mrs S Fearon
Mrs M Leonard
Mr J McAuley






Media Studies Department

 Music Department

 PE Department


Miss S Bartlett (Head of Department) 

 Mrs S Tennyson (Head of Department)

 Mrs K Haughey
Mrs E O'Neill






Religion Department

 Science Department

 Sociology Department


Mrs T Kearney (Head of Department)

Mrs J Hughes

Mrs J McGinn

  Mrs R Murphy (Head of Department)
Miss S Bellew
Mr J McAuley
Mrs S O'Hara

 Mrs K Novaski







 Technology Department




 Mr B Morgan (Head of Department)
Mr E Magee