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Welcome to the St.Mary's H.S. Technology Department Home Page


Department Staff

Member of staff Area of responsibility


Mr Brendan Morgan Head of department Workshop 2 / Systems room / Planning store
Mr Eugene Magee Technology teacher Workshop 1 / Planning room / Planning store.

Mr Conor McCusker

Laboratory technician Planning store / Office

What is Technology?

Technology and Design is the subject of the modern technological era.  It is a subject that reflects the progress and development that innovation and design has brought to society to improve the quality of our lifestyles.  From cars to jet engines, microwave ovens to digital televisions all of these have come about through the same problem solving techniques that are the keystone to the delivery of Technology and Design.  The GCSE course is very worthwhile and relevant to the world of work as it promotes the skills of communication, innovation, ICT and self reliance.
The common core of activities in Technology and Design, (T.D.) as set out in the programmes of study are Communication Skills, Designing, Manufacturing and Energy and Control.
The department continuing to work on developing Key Stage 3 provision of the new programme of study.  Our progress through our scheme of work will be closely monitored and modified as necessary over the next number of years.  At present this subject is taught to all pupils in the junior school, year 8 to 10 and is offered as an option at KS4.