UNICEF RRS Award - Level 2

Students from St Mary’s warmly welcomed Patricia Lewsley- Mooney, Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People (NICCY) and showcased the tremendous work being carried out by the many student groups within school.

The students are grateful to the Commissioner for NICCY’s support in establishing the School Council and other groups which continuously promote” Student Voice” within school.

Mrs Patricia Lewsley-Mooney spoke to the students about her work and discussed issues pertinent to young people. She commended the pupils on receiving the Right’s Respecting Schools Award (Level 2) and along with Mr David Mc Gimpsey, representing UNICEF, presented the award to the students.

This award acknowledges the strong pastoral ethos within the school which is based on a deep appreciation of each individual’s rights and responsibilities.

RRS Award 2016.jpg

St Mary's High School, Newry