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Key Stage 4

There are 33 subjects within the Key Stage 4 curriculum offer, both applied and general.  Students study 9 subjects both GCSE and Level 2 of which the following are compulsory:

  • GCSE English Language

  • GCSE Mathematics

  • GCSE Religious Studies

  • GCSE Science Single Award or OCN L2 Certificate in Applied Science

Pupils select from a range of non-compulsory subjects within the Key Stage 4 Curriculum Pathways, allowing them to choose a programme of study that best matches their interests, career aspirations and ability levels, these subjects include:

  • GCSE Art and Design

  • GCSE Business Studies

  • GCSE Business and Communications Systems

  • GCSE Design & Technology

  • GCSE Drama

  • GCSE English Literature

  • GCSE French

  • GCSE Further Mathematics

  • GCSE Geography

  • GCSE Health and Social Care

  • GCSE History

  • GCSE Home Economics Food and Nutrition

  • GCSE Learning for Life and Work

  • GCSE Music

  • GCSE Physical Education

  • GCSE Polish

  • GCSE Science – Double Award

Other Level 2 Qualifications:

  • OCN L2 Certificate in Information Technology Applications

  • CCEA L2 Certificate in Preparation for Adult Life

  • BTEC L2 First Certificate in Children’s Play, Learning and Development (2 grades)

  • CCEA L2 Occupational Studies – Business and Services

  • CCEA L2 Occupational Studies – Environment and Society

  • CCEA L2 Certificate in Performance Skills

  • Prince’s Trust Level 2 Certificate in Personal Development and Employability Skills

Post 16:


Non collaboration subjects


  • GCE Art and Design

  • GCE Health and Social Care

  • GCE Polish

  • GCE Professional Business Services

  • GCE Religious Studies

  • GCE Sociology

  • OCR Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma in Business

  • OCR Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma in IT


Collaboration with St. Mark’s High School

  • BTEC National Award in Children’s Care in Education

  • BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences

  • BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Travel and Tourism

  • GCE Performing Arts

  • GCE History


Collaboration with St. Colman’s College

  • GCE Digital Technology

  • GCE English Literature

  • GCE French

  • GCE Geography

  • GCE Mathematics


Collaboration with Southern Regional College


  • GCE Moving Image Arts


St Mary's High School, Newry

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