Mission Statement

Our Mission is:

To Implement the School Motto In all Aspects of School Life

Optimum Semper Facere

Always To Do One's Best

We will work in collaboration with other educational institutions and in partnership with parent and students to maximise academic and creative potential of students, enabling them to achieve the highest educational standards, thereby enriching their lives, the community and the economy.

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Strategic Aims Valuing Education

  • To promote the value of education through the celebration of achievement and personal endeavour

  • To engender a love of learning as a life long process and an appreciation of its relevance in everyday life

Fulfilling Potential​

  • To provide young people with learning opportunities suited to their needs and abilities

  • To maximise the academic and creative potential of students by challenging them to be independent thinkers and life long learners

  • To provide students with the opportunity to develop competence and confidence in elearning

  • To give students opportunity to learn about factors which impact on learning e.g. learning styles, techniques to improve learning, healthy lifestyles

  • To prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life and equip them with the skills to manage their career development

  • To foster the personal and social development of students as responsible members of society

  • To collaborate with other schools and colleges to improve learning and extend opportunity  


Our vision is to educate and develop the students in our school to the highest possible standard and as a Catholic School, to awaken them to the challenge of living according to the Catholic Faith whilst also appreciating diversity.

We acknowledge that Catholic Education:

  • Takes place in communities inspired by the Spirit of Christ. Christ’s commandment to love God and neighbour inspires a caring ethos which is expressed in relationships within and beyond Catholic schools

  • Promotes the dignity, self esteem and full development of each person who is made in God’s image and uniquely loved by God

  • Is inclusive. It is respectful of, and engages with people of all beliefs: it encourages the development of all in their own faith

  • Is rooted in the Gospel values of Respect for Life, Love, Solidarity, Truth and Justice: it aims to harmonise faith and culture, build a better society and pursue the Common Good

Promoting Equality And Inclusion

  • To ensure all members of the school community are treated with respect and that there is equality of access to resources

  • To encourage tolerance and respect for others and to promote the value of diversity   

Resourcing Education

  • To use resources effectively to support and improve learning

  • To ensure procedures are in place to appoint and develop skilled and motivated staff

  • To seek opportunities to provide additional funding to support and improve learning

  • To provide a safe, healthy, stimulating and well-equipped learning environment

  • To actively promote the welfare of pupils and staff


Aims of St. Mary's As A Catholic School


  • The preparation of pupils to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives which will contribute to the common good

  • Listening, mutual understanding, trust, reconciliation, healing and peace

  • A culture of tolerance where people of diverse identities are recognised, welcomed, respected and cherished

  • The promotion of a spirit of charity, social justice, global awareness and concern for others leading to practical outreach and partnerships

  • The enrichment of pupil life - intellectual, physical, spiritual, moral, social and emotional

  • The development of each person's full potential in a climate of joy, freedom, respect, challenge, cooperation and celebration

  • Communities of Faith, Service, Prayer and Worship

In Catholic Schools the person and message of Christ find expression in:


Together Catholic Schools provide high quality, rounded education for all young people, so that they develop their full uniqueness and potential


St Mary's High School, Newry