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What is CEIAG?


Careers Education, Information and Guidance

The Careers Department is responsible for all aspects of careers education and Guidance within the school. The aim is to provide the pupils with up to date information and expert advice to enable them to make well informed decisions about their education and future career choices.

Heads of Department

Mrs R Kidd (HOD)

Mrs G Williams (Post 16)

Department Aims


To enable our students to take control of her own Personal Career Planning by providing her with the knowledge and skills needed to make realistic and informed Career choices in the ever changing ‘world of work’ with its new and emerging career opportunities.


To provide adequate opportunities and resources for each student to explore their career interests and the education, training and employment options related to these interests.


To provide a service which is efficient, effective and always has the best interests of the individual pupil as its central focus and will enable them to chart their path through life with confidence and be effective in their future careers.

Key Stage 3


All students in Key Stage Three are actively involved in the Education for Employability Programme which is one of the subjects underpinning the revised curriculum. We aim to bridge the cultural gap that exists between what goes on outside the classroom and what happens in the classroom.


Employability is not just about asking our children what they want to be when they grow up but it does recognise the impressions that children are making about the world of work from a very young age through what they see in the media, what they hear from their families and the roles they often undertake.


Employability seeks to build on children’s already existing awareness of the world around them. It is also about offering our young people an opportunity to see that for them school is their workplace. In this way they gain an insight into the importance

and relevance of the curriculum in literacy, numeracy, ICT and the many skills needed for the modern world of work.

Year 8


All Year 8 pupils have one 45-minute period of Education for Employability every week. The Programme is supplemented by events through Young Enterprise including "Your School Your Business" and visiting speakers.

Year 8 Programme

Introduction to Employability


What's in a Job?

Skills & Qualities

What are employers looking for?

Skills for Work

Career Management


My Personal Career Plan

Careers Research Skills

Changing Work Patterns

Introduction to Career Management


Career Planning

Interviewing a Visiting Speaker

My Personal Goals

Sources of Help

Work In The Local & Global Economy


What's in a Job?

Skills & Qualities

What are employers looking for?

Skills for Work

Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

What is enterprise?

How enterprising am I?

An enterprising Mind

Year 9


All year 9 students have one 45 minute period of employability every week. The programme is supplemented with the Young Enterprise "YENine" Event, "Taste and See" in Southern Regional College and visiting speakers throughout the year.

Year 9 Programme

Career Management


The New Me

More than one way

Your Own Style

Getting the best from your learning style

Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Who wants to be an entrepreneur?

Spot the Entrepreneur

What are the benefits of being an entrepreneur?

Faulty Towers

I had a Dream

Think Big Act Smart

Business Enterprise Plan and Powerpoint Presentation

Work In The Local & Global Economy


The European Union

Occupational Sectors

Jobs in Recycling

How local businesses can contribute to the community

How local businesses can contribute to the global economy

Career Management 2


Sources of Support

Who has the answer?

Who's Who?

Career Pathways

"Taste and See" at Southern Regional College

What employability means to me.

Year 10


All Year 10 pupils have one 45 minute period of Education for Employability every week. The Programme is supplemented by events through Young Enterprise including "Learn to Earn" and visiting speakers. Year 10 is an important year as students will be making decisions on their KS4 Options. Each student receives one to one guidance on their options following an Options Seminar attended by staff, students and parents.

Year 10 Programme

Learning Styles


Learning About Learning


Different Kinds of Learning


How do you Learn?


Multiple Intelligences


Linking your intelligence to your school subjects


Skills & Abilities


Key Skills for Work


Job Families


Preparing for my Guidance Interview


Setting Targets & Action Plan

My Future Dreams


My Work Priorities


LMI (Labour Market Information)


My KS4 Options - Making Decisions


Goals, Choices & Decisions


Managing My Decisions


Managing Risk - choices and consequences


Decisions, Decisions


Subject Pathways


Subject Options


What employability means to me.

Key Stage 4


Extensive work and research with stakeholders, local schools and the Area Learning Community has gone into the preparation of the Year 11 Programme. All students receive one 45 minute period of timetabled CEIAG every week as well having access to a booking system for one to one careers advice through The Careers Advisory Team in school. The Programme is supplemented by visiting speakers, the Young Enterprise "Project Buisness" seminar and our highly successful Work Experience Programme when students enter the work place for one week in June. The Programme is structured around the guidelines in the DELNI Joint Strategy Document "Preparing for Success" and involves raising student awareness of their skills and qualities, values and achievements, helping them to develop up to date career plans, a study of self-employment and much more.

Year 11 Programme

Who Am I?


New Beginnings - My Action Plan for the coming year

Getting Ready to Learn - my learning style

What are employers looking for?

Essential Skills

Past Pupil Destinations - Where did they all go?

My Place

How is globalisation influencing my career plans?

What are the costs and benefits of globalisation?

Jobs of the Future (S.T.E.M)

21st Century Careers

L.M.I (Labour Market Information)

Try It Out

Who are the Self Employed in NI?

Whats the point in doing Work Experience?

Getting Ready for the Workplace

Work Logbook

Work Experience Placement & Teacher Visit

Information Is Key

Why is LMI important to me?

Industry Fact Sheets

Sector Skills Councils

Laying Down Plans


What are my options?

The National Qualifications Framework

NVQ's What are they?

Training for Success

National Diplomas - What are they?

Where can I study these?

School, Work & Lifestyle


Sources of Support

Who has the answer?

Who's Who?

Career Pathways

"Taste and See" at Southern Regional College

What employability means to me.

Influences & Support

Who is influencing my decisions?

It's Decision Time

I wish i had known sooner

Now Move On

Skills & Qualities Review

Career Plan Update

Post 16 Progression

It's Decision Time

Post 16 Progression Choice & Justification

Targeted Applications for Post 16 Study

Year 12 Programme

Who Am I?


Team Building Activity

My Skills & Qualities

My Work Values

Career Planning - My Action Plan for this Year

School, Work & Lifestyle


Targeted Applications

Preparing for an interview

My Place


The impact of Globalisation on Career Planning

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Try It Out

Health & Safety in the Workplace

Equality & Diversity in the Workplace

Self Employment & The Business Plan

Influences & Support

Who is influencing my decisions?

How can good decisions improve my future?

Information Is Key

How to find good L.M.I (Labour Market Information)

Laying Down Plans

Progression Opportunities Post 16

Personal Career Planning


St Mary's High School, Newry

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