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Staff - Non-Teaching Staff

Administration Staff

Miss M McAteer

Miss E McCourt

Miss L McVeigh

Mrs M Cunningham

Mrs M O’Rourke

Art Technician

Miss A Magee



Mr J McArdle

Mr S Sands

Mrs Alisha McArdle

Classroom Assistants

Mrs S Duffy

Mrs L Fitzpatrick

Mrs T Haughey

Mrs O Maguire

Mrs G McCartan

Mrs E McCusker

Mrs A Pearce

Mrs H Smith

Mrs E Moore

Mrs L Rafferty

Mrs C Mulligan

Mrs B Cunningham

Ms C Cunningham

Miss E Hamill

Miss K O’Hare


Mrs R Savage

ICT Technician


Miss C Doyle


Mrs M O'Rourke

Reprographics Technician

Mrs R Csisack

Science Technician

Mrs C Nicholl

School Counsellor

Mrs N Woods

Sixth Form Supervisor


Mrs D Barton

Technology Technican

Mrs P Magee

Home Economics Technician

Mrs C Forte


St Mary's High School, Newry

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