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Our Global Partner School

In May 2010 Mr Fitzpatrick travelled to St. Mary’s, Africa to develop an educational partnership between the two schools. This initial trip will be followed by visits by Fr. Donall and Sr. Paulina to St. Mary’s in Newry to meet our pupils and staff.

Over the coming years there will be many more visits between both our schools and our students will benefit from an international dimension to their learning, undertaking many projects which will focus on Africa and development issues. We as a school community will continue to help Fr. Donall and Sr. Paulina to continue the great work in the primary school and to develop the secondary school. The school faces many challenges however we in St Mary’s are delighted to be in a position to help provide the children with the opportunities to change their lives forever.

Central to our work will be ongoing fundraising to financially support the new school, providing much needed learning resources for the pupils. Our fundraising began in March 2010, so far we have raised £25,000 which has been spent on the building of the new secondary school.


St Mary's High School, Newry

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