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St. Mary's Primary and Secondary School

The children are extraordinary, showing great happiness and cheer. It was extraordinary to observe these pupils who have come from poor and primitive lives, enjoying the opportunities of education. Within the school there is great warmth and enthusiasm for learning; the school is truly a very special place in an often unforgiving and hard country.

The principal of the school is Sr. Paulina from Our Lady the Apostle. She works tirelessly with Fr. Donall to provide the young people with the best opportunities possible in life. Sr. Paulina is a deeply caring individual, committed to educating and caring for the young learners to the highest standards.

Due to the distance many of the children live from the school, accommodation blocks allow the pupils to live on site throughout the school year. When the children come to school they are provided with a new uniform, are educated to a high standard, have their own bed, receive three basic meals each day and are given security and love from Sr. Paulina and the staff of the school.

In September 2010 the new secondary school welcomed its first intake of students, however much work still needs to be done. The older pupils in the primary school are so grateful of being given the opportunity to continue their education.


St Mary's High School, Newry

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