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The African People

Fr Donall has spent the last twenty years working in Nigeria and other African countries. The people have been seriously disadvantaged throughout the generations. Education has been rare in the history of these people who are among the poorest of the poor on the continent of Africa. The majority of the people make a living by farming. They move about from place to place within the area, cutting down and burning trees and then growing crops for a number of years. They are semi-nomadic and that, of course means many of the children’s homes can be hundreds of miles from the school. Their home is a hut constructed of mud, sticks and straw. The huts are amazingly practical, providing a strong, cool place in the blistering summer heat.

Education is now a reality for the children and they have an extraordinary hunger for learning. Within a generation these learners who are among the poorest of the poor will become the future doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, priests, nuns and business, civic and political leaders of Nigeria. This school is a centre of educational excellence making a huge difference to the future of its children.


St Mary's High School, Newry

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