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Ulster Wildlife Cross Curricular Project

0912 took part in Session One of the Ulster Wildlife Project which is being piloted in just four schools in Northern Ireland. Rebecca Hunter from Ulster Wildlife told the girls all about the different sharks, skates and rays which are in our seas locally including the basking shark, the porbeagle, the spurdog, the blue shark, the thresher shark, the angel shark, the undulating ray and the common skate. They learned all about how sharks are different from common fish and all the adaptations they have to enable them to survive.

The aim of the project which is happening in Geography lessons, is to highlight how our sharks are in trouble and how their numbers have declined sharply in recent years. The students will be involved in gathering data by hunting for shark egg cases around our coastline and graphically representing this data. They will produce information leaflets towards the end of the project. Watch this space for more detail on the project as it unfolds over the next 4-6 weeks!

Good Luck Girls!!!


St Mary's High School, Newry

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