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Newry Helping The Homeless Cheque Presentation

St Mary's recent Christmas Jumper Day and our annual Buttercrane Cake Sale has raised £690 for Newry Helping The Homeless. Staff and Pupils are delighted to help this very worthy charity. Pictured are Stella Maguire, Principal Miss D Crawley, Vice Principal Mr M Fitzpatrick, Teachers Mr A Twohig and Mrs T Hughes and pupils.

Craig, myself and The Principal were looking at the home page of the website and were wondering would we be able to change it slightly. Would it be possible to remove firstly the Instagram feed from the bottom. Would it also be possible instead of having 5 news items on the main page to just have one and keep all the rest in the latest news tab. Could we then move all the other sections of the home page up and condense them slightly, make them smaller, so all the content fits on one screen without having to scroll down. Hope this makes sense


St Mary's High School, Newry

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