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Year 8 Dance Competition

Well done to all our Year 8 pupils who competed in our very first Year 8 dance competition this morning. The Year 8’s have been studying dance in PE this term and as part of their Christmas assessment they were set the task of choreographing, rehearsing and performing a dance routine which they would enter into our Year 8 dance competition.

It is safe to say the judges, consisting of Miss Crawley (Principal), Miss MacAnulty, Mrs Williams, Mrs McGinn and Sports Captain Chloe O’Hare were all blown away by the talent and skill level demonstrated by each and every Year 8 pupil. Mrs Haughey and Miss Malone would like to thank all the pupils for their hard work and determination over the last few weeks, it certainly paid off!

Congratulations to all our prize winners today!

First Place : Drama Lamas (joint), Girl Only (joint)

Second Place: 2 + 2

Third Place: JK Squad


St Mary's High School, Newry

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