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Primary School Competitions

Congratulations to the winners of the Literacy and Numeracy Competitions. Thank you to all the girls from our local Primary Schools who entered the competitions.

The lucky winners are pictured below with their prizes.

Literacy Competition Winners:

Answered all Literacy based questions correctly and excellent Dragon's Den Invention.

Ballyholland P.S - (The Write It All Pen) Isabella Gribben

St. Clare's Abbey P.S - (OctoBot = Robot) Lucy Byrne

St. Malachy's P.S - (iPhone Halogram) Lucy Margaret Byrne

St Joseph's P.S - (The Lazy Shoe) Imogen Hughes

St. Patrick's P.S - (Vanishing Cream) Chloe Spencer-Freer

St. Ronan's P.S - (Heating/Cooling Clothing) Emily McAllister

Numeracy Competition Winners:

Ballyholland P.S. - Andrea Matthews

St. Clare’s Abbey P.S. - Meábh Doran

St. Malachy’s P.S. - Ellie Lavery

St. Joseph’s P.S. - Sophie Gray

St. Patrick’s P.S. - Saoirse McCann

St. Ronan’s P.S. - Sienna Harte



St Mary's High School, Newry

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