What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of the people within society and the groups they belong to, e.g. family, education, employment etc.  If you go to a pantomime it is the actors that perform in front of the stage that you focus on, however people behind the scenes also carryout a lot of the hard work.  Sociology is quite similar to this in that as Sociologists we like to investigate why certain things happen and apply the wisdom that ‘things are not always as they seem.’ To dig deeper and not just accept the common sense point of view, is the key to good sociological research.  Broadly speaking Sociology seeks to explain why people behave in the way that the do and what has influenced their behaviour. Factors like the family, friends, schools and Religion all have an impact on your behaviour.

Why Sociology?

You will enjoy Sociology as an A’level subject if you have a keen interest in the world around you. You enjoy reading widely and are interested in current affairs. Sociology as a discipline also requires you to take part in many debates and discussions and to critically consider the views and attitudes of others.

To conclude, within sociology you will be posed many questions. Such as:

  • Does the ideal man or woman really exist? And if not where does this image come from.

  • Is it the case that boys receive more attention in the classroom from teachers than girls and what influences us to get good exam results

  • In a courtroom is a judge more likely to let a woman off with a crime than a man

If you are interested in the answers to such questions as these and wish to enjoy an exciting new journey, then Sociology is the stepping stone to a better understanding of your world.

Department Staff

Mrs Sandra McConnell (HOD)
Mr John McAuley
Miss Sinead Bellew
Miss Sharon Molloy
Miss Colleen Meaney (Technician)

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